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PSP be blowin' up, y'all

Last updated on 2 months ago
Posted 4 months ago
So I pulled my PSP out of my closet for the first time in years since I was searching for a micro-SD-to-USB transfer stick I thought might have been in the case. I pulled out the PSP and the battery case literally popped off in my hands. I tried to put it back and it wouldn't close. On closer inspection, the PSP's battery was bloated and swollen - rather than a rectangular box it was now curved outwards on both sides. Luckily it hasn't cracked and started leaking yet.

I checked the internet and apparently this is something that has started happening to LOTS of PSPs in the last couple of years. I guess Sony designed a shitty lithium battery casing that only has a limited lifespan, and its time is officially up.

So just a heads up - if you're like me and haven't looked at your PSP in years and years - you'd best give its battery a look-see if you don't want it cracking and melting the hardware.
Posted 3 months ago
Aaaand I just dug out my PSP to discover exactly the same situation, Mine is stored in one of those hard shell cases so I wouldn't have known a thing until it damaged my PSP beyond repair.
Posted 3 months ago
Sorry for the crazy late reply (I'm just now seeing it), but I'm glad I helped at least one person. Mine was in one of those cases as well. To be honest, I never used it much in the first place, since shortly after buying it I discovered that the PPSSPP emulator works quite well and makes 3D games especially look much better on my computer than on the PSP itself. But I still don't want an exploded battery turning my hardware to slag.
Posted 2 months ago
Best to throw out the battery and get an aftermarket replacement. Aliexpress or Ebay would be a good place to get a replacement
Posted 2 months ago
Of course you should obviously remove the battery immediately. But (and I realize you weren't necessarily advocating this) you should absolutely NOT throw a lithium-ion battery into the garbage or into your normal recycling. They should be taken to a certified recycling station/business (many electronics stores will collect them). Other options might be available from your community's hazardous household waste collection programs.
But again, never the trash. These things are potentially quite dangerous.
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