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Site Information

OGM is dedicated to the preservation of any content not readily available in digital form from the publishers themselves.

The major proportion of content available here is centered around home computing and console gaming content ranging from Amstrad through to Xbox and everything in between. In addition to that we also have automotive, aircraft, WWII and astronomy mags and even historical books covering hunting, alpine, ancient history and movie topics!!

Our content currently is in excess of 8800 items and it continues to grow by the day!!
To become a member of OGM and be able to access all our amazing content:

1. On the [Sign In] portal on the right side bar of the site home page
2. Click on the "Click here to register" link
3. Answer the simple captcha question
5. Make the required PAYPAL donation as stated in Requirement #1 of the Terms and Conditions
6. When the donation has been made click on the [I Agree] button to confirm acceptance of the conditions. This will return you to the "Register" page
7. Fill out the registration info. Make sure you use the email address associated with your PAYPAL donation so I can compare/confirm the donation
8. Click on [Register]

Your account will be created but remain unactivated until I receive confirmation of your PAYPAL donation. Once the donation has been received I will activate your account for you and you will be able to login and access the sites content. If no PAYPAL donation is received your un-activated account will be deleted after 24 hours.